Digital Parking Sign Pilot

Two new digital parking signs have been installed to help visitors at Coquitlam’s busiest park find parking more quickly.


The signs - on Pipeline Road at Guildford Way and at David Avenue - give drivers a real-time tally of empty spots in Parking Lot B (the busiest lot) and direct them to available parking spaces in the park.

View a Parking Map for Town Centre Park (PDF).


The signs are intended to improve driver and pedestrian safety and reduce illegal parking and traffic congestion. While vehicles coming and going at busy times will affect accuracy of the tally, the signs will give drivers a sense of what to expect and help them make more informed decisions – rather than simply circling the parking lot.

Real-time digital parking signs are becoming an industry standard in the public and private sector. If these signs prove to be successful, the City will consider installing digital signs at other high-demand locations in the future.

The new digital signs are part of Coquitlam’s Technology Roadmap that is helping Coquitlam identify, evaluate, prioritize and implement new technology solutions as they become available or cost-effective.