2018 to 2022 LED Streetlight Conversion

Coquitlam launched a five-year program in September 2018 to convert approximately 10,000 streetlights across the city to energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). To date the city has completed the conversions in three of our five zones. See the LED Conversion Zone Map (PDF). The City is on track to have this project completed by the end of 2022, as approximately 2,000 streetlights are being converted each year. 

Benefits of LEDs

Compared to the previous high-pressure sodium and metal halide streetlights, the new LED lights:

  • Last up to 20 years (four to five times longer),
  • Consume 57 per cent less energy, with an annual savings of $446,000 in energy costs and a reduction in GHG’s by an estimated 25 to 35 tonnes,
  • Cost approximately half as much to maintain, and
  • Improve safety by providing a whiter light source that increases the visibility of pedestrians and vehicles.

The City expects to recoup the $6.5-million project cost in 14 to 17 years, and save $3.8 million over the anticipated life span of 20 years.

Cobra Style Lights

In total, about 3,500 existing high pressure sodium (HPS) cobra-style lights (with arched necks and flat heads) and 5,000 post-top lights are currently being converted to LED cobra-style fixtures (JPEG), which focus the light down towards the sidewalk and street.  These new fixtures reduce the amount of light pollution (dark sky compliant), as well as light spilling onto private property. 

While residents will notice changes to the colour, distribution, and amount of lighting, the LED fixtures are engineered to ensure the roadway lighting is as good or better than the previous lighting fixtures.  Where ever possible, lighting that was engineered to the previous standards of the day will be upgraded to the latest IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) standards.  

Decorative Post Top Conversions to LED

About 1,100 decorative post-top lights (JPEG) in Burquitlam, Austin Heights, Maillardville and City Centre are being converted to LED fixtures using conversion kits. These kits are being used strategically in core pedestrian areas to preserve the aesthetic look of the decorative fixtures in those unique areas.

BC Hydro Streetlights

The City’s project does not include the approximately 1,900 HPS streetlights attached to wooden power poles (JPEG), which belong to and are managed by BC Hydro, which they plan on converting  to LED  starting in June/July, 2021. 

As the City is BC Hydro’s “Customer," our staff are working closely with them to ensure their LED conversion is done in a way that maintains or improves the lighting provided to our residents. 

For more information about this project please visit BC Hydro’s website. If you have any questions about the BC Hydro Light changes in your area please contact us, and not BC Hydro.

What to Expect

Crews may be seen around the city installing the new lights. Motorists, pedestrians and residents may notice improvements to the street and sidewalk lighting as well as reduced light pollution.

The new lights will provide as good, or better, roadway lighting while reducing the amount of light pollution in the sky or spilling onto private property.

2016 to 2017 Pilot Project

Coquitlam conducted a pilot project in 2016 and 2017 before making the decision this year to convert all streetlights to LED.