Lane Rehabilitation Projects

The following locations will be receiving reparative work:

  • Lane between Austin Avenue and Charland Avenue from Nelson Street to Marmont Street (Lane 1053)
  • Lane between Dory Street and Palmdale Street from Norman Avenue to the north end (Lane 3008) 
  • Lane between Mariner Way and Bosun Place from Dolphin Street to the west end  (Lane 3017)
  • Lane between Mariner Way and Capstan Crescent from Hawser Avenue to Dory Street (Lane 3006)
  • Lane between Palmdale Street and Ogden Street from Norman Avenue to the north end (Lane 3009)
  • Lane between Seaforth Crescent and Seaforth Crescent from Thomas Avenue to Seaforth Crescent (Lane 1132)
  • Lane between Sherwood Avenue and Tupper Avenue from Blue Mountain Street to the east end (Lane 1013)
  • Lane north from Capstan Crescent to LN3006 (Lane 3007)
  • Lane south of Brunette Avenue (west of Blue Mountain Street, north of Tupper Avenue) (Lane 1011)
  • Lane south of Thomas Avenue from Thomas Avenue to the west end (Lane 1131)
  • Lane west of Blue Mountain Street (north of Tupper Avenue and south of Brunette Avenue) (Lane 1012)
  • Lane west of Laurentian Crescent and south of Seaforth Crescent from Seaforth Crescent to the west end (Lane 1133)