Pedestrian & Bike Improvements

The following locations will be receiving improvements to its sidewalks, multi-use pathways, or greenways:

  • Barnet Highway from Falcon Drive to Bond Street (new sidewalk)
  • Berry Street from King Albert Avenue to Winslow Avenue (new sidewalk)
  • Crosby Street from Appian Way to Ivy Avenue (new sidewalk)
  • Dansey Avenue from Decaire Street to Laurentian Crescent (new sidewalk)
  • Decaire Street from Thomas Street to 303 Decaire Street (new sidewalk, subject to feasibility)
  • Farrow Street from Smith Avenue to Como Lake Avenue (new sidewalk)
  • Foster Avenue from Fairview Street to Aspen Street (new sidewalk)
  • Guilby Street from Shaw Avenue to Rochester Avenue (new sidewalk)
  • Guildford Way Crunch Crosswalk
  • Inlet Street from East of Pipeline Road (new sidewalk)
  • Irvine Street from Dewdney Trunk Road to connect with existing (new sidewalk)
  • King Albert Greenway with Pedestrian Bridge (new multi-use pathway)
  • Lougheed Highway from Dewdney Trunk Road to Chilko Drive (new multi-use pathway)
  • Pipeline Road from Robson Drive to 1449 Pipeline Road (new sidewalk)
  • Schoolhouse Street from King Albert Avenue to Foster Avenue (new sidewalk)
  • Smith Avenue from Blue Mountain Street to Guiltner Street (new sidewalk)
  • Sprice Avenue from Schoolhouse Street to Poirier Street (new sidewalk)