Current Development and Building Permit Applications

Development Information Portal

The Development Information Portal allows users to look up Development Projects by status within the City of Coquitlam. The portal information will be updated regularly.  For the best user experience, please use an Esri Supported browser.  

Access to the Development Information Portal.

How to use the Portal

The following are some tips on using the portal:

  1. Project Status Descriptions
  2. Map Features
  • Filter by Project Status by clicking on the coloured portions of the ring.  Clear your selection by clicking on the garbage can icon.
Active Application
Project is under review.
Conditional Approval
Project has reached 3rd Reading or Preliminary Layout Approval.
Project has been approved by Council or staff.
Project has been Declined by Council or staff.
Pre-Application is a preliminary review in advance of a more detailed development application.*
OtherTo capture transitioning project statuses. **

* Please note, there may be overlapping project information on the same properties where an Applicant has applied for a Pre-Application as well as submitting a full Development Application shortly after their Pre-application review has been completed. 

** From time to time, there will be projects moving from one status to another and the system may have updated during this time, where the project status may show up as other.  If you require more information on these projects, please contact us by email or call 604-927-3430 for more information regarding the status. 

Development Applications

Summary lists of development applications submitted for review, are provided at the links below. The lists contain the description of each proposal, information on the applicant, and the status of the application. 

Development applications are sorted by project folder and project number, appearing in the format PROJ 19-001, and are based on the year and the sequence applications are submitted. Please note the information is provided for convenience only and updated periodically.

Please Note - The City’s Current Development Applications are now available in real time through the Development Information Portal (described above). The Summary Lists will be discontinued in the format below, as this functionality is available through the Development Information Portal.

Building Permit Applications

Summaries of building permit applications currently under review, updated monthly, are available at the links below. Please note the information is provided for convenience only.

Additional Information

For more information on development applications, please refer to the  How Development Happens page on our website.