Outdoor Activities

You can still enjoy Coquitlam parks and trails while physically distancing safely, and there’s lots you can do in your own backyard too! Here you’ll find tips and guides, virtual block parties, gardening and backyard videos and more.

Outdoor Light Display

Want to bring some of the magic of the Lights at Lafarge display to your home? Watch the video and learn how to make pop bottle tulips.

Display your creations prominently on your patio or in your garden at home. Add outdoor lights for an added touch.

Take a photo of your completed display and upload it to social media tagging #CoquitlamSPIRIT to inspire others. 

  1. Bloom of the Week
  2. Walk, Hike or Bike
  3. Go Fishing
  4. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  5. Garden Mocktails (video)
  6. Hug a Tree
  7. Fitness at the Park (video)
  8. Coquitlam Outdoor Photo Hunt
  9. Positive Sidewalk Messages
  10. Rock Art Garden
  11. Outdoor Light Display


Common Name: Gartenmeister Fushia  

Scientific Name: Gartenmeister Bonstedt  

Fun Fact:

  • This bloom is sometimes called honeysuckle fuchsia due to its long, tubular orange-red petals that resemble honeysuckle flowers.
  • The shape of the flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees to your garden.

What’s blooming in your fall garden? Let us know by tagging #CoquitlamSPIRIT on social media.