How much does this event cost?

In addition to the $186,000 base operating budget available for this event, Council approved $180,000 from the Sponsorship Reserve to deliver an event with an equivalent scale to the 2022 event. The Sponsorship Reserve is replenished each year through corporate sponsorships. Close to 60% of costs to deliver the 2023 Canada Day in Coquitlam will be covered from corporate sponsorship revenue, federal and provincial grants.

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1. How many years has a Coquitlam Canada Day event taken place?
2. How many people attend Canada Day in Coquitlam?
3. Why is the Kwikwetlem First Nation not participating in the Coquitlam Canada Day event?
4. How is the event being responsive to the need for reflection on Canada’s history and the legacy of the country’s colonial roots?
5. How does the event aim to reduce environmental sustainability?
6. How is the event accessible?
7. How much does this event cost?
8. Who are the key sponsors?
9. How can I be a sponsor next year?
10. Who are the vendors?
11. How can I be a vendor next year?
12. Who are the featured performers this year?
13. How can I inquire to be a performer next year?
14. Are Coquitlam’s Canada Day performers paid?