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Victoria Park


Victoria Park Amenities Map (PDF)


  1. Alcohol Permitted
  2. Playground
  3. Playing Field
  4. Skateboarding
  5. Sport Field
  6. Washrooms
  7. Water Fountain

Located in the park is Victoria Community Hall, a large open plan facility that can be rented for family gatherings, meetings and special events. A variety of City programs are also available at the Hall. Victoria Park officially opened on June 13, 2017.


Victoria Park in Northeast Coquitlam is a beautiful green space with a fenced turf field that supports:

  • Enhanced playground
  • Skate spot for beginner and intermediate
  • Super 8 soccer, a full-sized multi-sport court


Home to one of the 12 Coquitlam 125 legacy salmon sculptures – painted by Squamish Nation artist Cory Douglas and featuring Coast Salish elements.


Victoria Hall was originally called the Meridian Heights Farmers Institute Hall - later nicknamed ‘Dogpatch Hall’. Built in the 1930s, it was the activity centre for Northeast Coquitlam, supporting a variety of clubs, such as a women’s auxiliary, which raised money by raffling home-made quilts. Agricultural halls were important community hubs, where concerts, dances and community events were held. Developing the hall required the community working together to fundraise, plan, find supplies and materials, construct and maintain their building.


“Coquitlam 100 Years: Reflections of the Past,” District of Coquitlam, 1990; “Coquitlam Then and Now,” Coquitlam Public Library New Horizons for Seniors Committee, 2010

Sports Fields

Upgrades Coming!

Park visitors will see activity in the park over the summer as the City undertakes work to improve the baseball diamond at Victoria Park with replacement backstops, dugouts and fencing. The diamond will be closed for play while work is underway and will be open again in the fall of 2024.


  • Baseball
    • Base distance 60 feet
    • Pitching distance 40 feet
  • Natural grass
  • Soccer 144 by 180 feet


  • Playground