Creeks & Streams

The City of Coquitlam has over 300 kilometres of creeks and streams that are home to fish and other aquatic habitat; each watercourse has been classified by professional biologist to represent their environmental value.

Integrated Watershed Management Plans

Keeping our watercourses clean and their riparian area healthy is essential to fish and wildlife habitat. To help maintain and improve stream health, Coquitlam completed several Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMPs) which identified habitat and environmental concerns within the various watersheds.

To help monitor the status and health of creeks the City has put together a program that monitors the flows and health on several creeks throughout the City on a 5 year rotational basis. The monitoring allows the City to see impacts to creeks and streams as development progresses.

Flow Monitor Location Map

Along with monitoring the City also funds several programs related to improving deteriorating watershed health that may have been identified during monitoring. The Flow Monitor Location Map (PDF) shows the locations of our current flow monitors in addition to past locations.

Water Quality Monitoring in Hoy Creek  

We have recently installed a Water Quality Monitoring device in Hoy Creek. This device is a real-time, continuous surface water quality monitoring system that provides instant access of data such as pH, temperature, turbidity (TSS) and other measurements. This data will assist our Environment crews to attend to a potential detected issue in the creek to ultimately ensure wildlife (fish or others) are unharmed.