The City of Coquitlam is conveniently situated approximately 30 kilometres from downtown Vancouver and is directly accessible by Highway 1 and rapid transit. Coquitlam’s hub of diverse filming locations has everything you could be looking for and more: Beautiful evergreen forests, pristine rivers, urban streets, rural rock quarries and a vibrant downtown core. In the south of the community, Coquitlam borders the Fraser River with its industrial area, and the nearby Maillardville neighbourhood contains many early 1900’s historical buildings. The city is known for being film-friendly with a one-stop dedicated film office that liaises with internal City departments and also provides contact with businesses and residential associations to create a notable and easy-as-possible experience.

“Coquitlam … one place with so many looks to choose from!” – Rico Mielnicki, Locations Department, Homefront Productions

“What I like is the ease of the application process and the ‘bang for your buck.’ Vancouver gets overused a lot.” – Russell Hamilton, Location Manager, Supernatural Films

“The Film Office is prompt, and the process is simpler than some other jurisdictions.” – Rob Amar, Assistant Location Manager, Zombie I Films

“Coquitlam offers diverse, film-friendly sites often at more affordable rates, within a reasonable range of the city.” – Kendrie Upton, DGC/BC Directors’ Guild Town Centre Park

“I would like to congratulate your city on providing the level of staffing that makes filming there possible. Filming chooses the path of least resistance and makes its way to whatever cities can accommodate our breakneck pace.” – William Burns, Location Manager, Flying Car Films    

“I have been working with the City of Coquitlam for over 14 years and have always found the Film Office to be friendly and professional. They go above and beyond to help production in any way they can.” – Tammie Barker, Assistant Location Manager

“The Film Office has been outstanding in balancing Production's creative goals with the wider community interests and this focus has made Coquitlam a favoured destination for filmmakers.” – Ken Brooker, Location Manager

“Coquitlam offers such a great variety of locations to film at. The Film office and the City and Parks departments are extremely helpful and create a positive and efficient filming experience. I continually look forward to our return.” – Amy Laurel Barager, Location Manager