City Council

Group photo of Mayor and Councillors standing outside of City Hall, dressed sharply.

Coquitlam City Council

From left to right: Cllr. Dennis Marsden, Cllr. Robert Mazzarolo, Cllr. Trish Mandewo, Cllr. Steve Kim, Mayor Richard Stewart, Cllr. Craig Hodge,  Cllr. Teri Towner, Cllr. Brent Asmundson, Cllr. Matt Djonlic . 

About Coquitlam City Council

Comprised of the Mayor and eight Councillors, Coquitlam City Council is responsible for local government leadership and decision-making in the City of Coquitlam. 

The primary function of City Council is to consider the interests and well being of the public and the City and to use its powers for the benefit and protection of its citizens. The Council does this through the establishment of administrative policies, the adoption of bylaws and the collection of taxes. 

The day-to-day administration and operation of the City is delegated to the City Manager and City Staff.

City Council

Coquitlam’s City Council, as elected on Oct. 15, 2022, includes: Mayor Richard Stewart and Councillors Brent Asmundson, Matt Djonlic, Craig Hodge, Steve Kim, Trish Mandewo, Dennis Marsden, Robert Mazzarolo and Teri Towner.

Council Code of Conduct

Coquitlam’s Council Code of Conduct (PDF), approved on June 5, 2023, is based on a model and training resources developed by two organizations that work with B.C.’s local governments – the Union of B.C. Municipalities and the Local Government Management Association – in conjunction with Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

The Code of Conduct is not intended to discourage full and frank debate of issues, but rather ensure elected officials operate in a respectful, safe and equitable space where all parties can speak and be heard. 

The code focuses on the following principles and values: 

  • Integrity – behaving honestly and ethically
  • Respect – valuing the perspectives, wishes and rights of others
  • Accountability – willingly accepting responsibility and accounting for one’s actions
  • Leadership – leading, listening to, and positively influencing others
  • Collaboration – coming together to create or meet a common goal through collective efforts

Coquitlam’s Council Code of Conduct is flexible and can be amended over time as needed. At minimum, Council will consider reviewing it at least once every election cycle.

2022 – 2026 Coquitlam City Council Members

Brent Asmundson

Councillor Brent Asmundson

Brent Asmundson Contact & Biography

Matt Djonlic

Photo of City Councillor Matt Djonlic

Matt Djonlic Contact & Biography

Craig Hodge

Councillor Craig Hodge

Craig Hodge Contact & Biography

Steve Kim

Councillor Steve Kim

Steve Kim Contact & Biography

Trish Mandewo

Councillor Trish Mandewo

Trish Mandewo Contact & Biography

Dennis Marsden

Councillor Dennis Marsden

Dennis Marsden Contact & Biography

Robert Mazzarolo

Councillor Robert Mazzarolo

Robert Mazzarolo Contact & Biography

Teri Towner

Councillor Teri Towner

Teri Towner Contact & Biography

Congratulatory Message Request

Congratulatory messages from the Mayor and Council are available upon request for Coquitlam residents celebrating significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Visit the Congratulatory Message Request page for more information.