About Coquitlam Inspections

Our 24/7 online inspections system enables you to schedule your building and/or plumbing inspection(s) using your computer or mobile phone. Use your issued building or plumbing permit number to view results or to schedule, cancel or reschedule and inspection.

Permit Number

All inspections that relate to your particular Permit Number will be listed in sequence for scheduling inspections at each stage of construction. Only inspections related to that one Permit Number will be viewable. These inspections should be scheduled and completed in the order listed prior to proceeding to the next inspection. There may be additional or multiple permits related to the construction on your property. (e.g. Interior Plumbing Services, Exterior Plumbing Services, Plumbing Sprinklers other building permits.)

You will need to Login and enter each Permit Number separately to schedule the inspection related to that Permit.

Good Neighbour Construction

Please keep all building materials, waste bins and equipment safely and neatly stored on site and not on City streets, lanes, boulevards or neighbouring properties. It is recommended that a strongly constructed fence, 1.8 meters high, be provided around the construction site.

View further information regarding "Good Neighbour" construction.