Business Services

Faster than the Speed of Life

Running your business is like sprinting through an obstacle course – every day. You need to be nimble and fast to navigate each move and finish on top. 

With QNet’s ultra-fast fibre optic connection and gigabit-plus capacity, your business has our speed on its side – giving you the flexibility to react when opportunities arise. 

How Fast is Fibre? 

Think “lightning speed.” Fibre optic internet is the fastest speed available today – much faster than even the top broadband speeds billed as “superfast.” QNet’s gigabit-plus capacity means you can download a five-minute video in 0.2 seconds. 

Fibre optic saves you time so you can work faster – not harder. 

Your Business Benefits

Compete in the global marketplace, deliver new services, or simply save on your monthly high-speed internet and phone bill. 

With a QNet connection, you’ll profit from: 

  • Faster browsing, downloads and backups, with speeds of up to 10 gigabits
  • Greater affordability and choice through a broad range of telecom service providers
  • Rack space and power for your equipment in QNet’s state-of-the-art Data Centre Facility
  • Upstream connectivity from numerous regional carriers 
  • Expanded telecommuting capability

In addition, businesses with several locations in Coquitlam can use QNet to create a private fibre optic network.

Business complexes, shopping centres and office buildings that lease fibre from QNet can provide their tenants with a greater choice in telecom service providers – and access to scalable high-speed broadband.

Service Providers 

Once your fibre optic cables are installed at your premises, you’ll need to partner with a telecom service provider. You can choose from any of QNet’s partnered service providers as well as the regular large providers for internet, phone and TV services. 

Why Do Business in Coquitlam?

When it comes to business – whether you’re a startup, mid-size or large corporation – location is a key part of success. When choosing which city might be best for your business, factors like economic health, business/investment opportunities, accessibility and cost of living are important considerations. Coquitlam offers all these advantages – and more. 

Coquitlam’s Business Advantages

  • A fast-growing, prosperous population at your doorstep.
  • Plentiful opportunities for new businesses, entrepreneurs and skilled workers.
  • Central location within Metro Vancouver with easy access by SkyTrain, Westcoast Express, express bus routes, roads and highways – and close to U.S. markets.
  • Proximity to several long-distance fibre optic networks that terminate at the Internet Exchange in Vancouver (VANIX)
  • Work-play balance with access to the outdoors, urban amenities, festivals and events.