Replacement Carts and Missed Collection

Find out what to do if your cart was not collected, how to get your damaged cart repaired or replaced, and who to contact to exchange your cart for a different size.

Missed Collection

Garbage and Green Cart collection can occur until 7:30 pm on your collection day. If your carts are not collected by 7:30 pm, please bring them inside and contact Waste Connections of Canada in the morning to report the missed collection. Carts left at the curb overnight will attract wildlife and you risk receiving a fine of $500 Under Solid Waste Management Bylaw No. 4679, 2016.

Missed Recycling Collection? Visit our Curbside Recycling page for more information.

Damaged Carts

To replace or repair a damaged cart, please contact Waste Reduction by email or call 604-927-3500. 

Cart Exchanges or Requests 

One Garbage Cart and one Green Waste Cart are provided per house. Additional Garbage Carts are not permitted. Carts are City property and have a unique ID printed in white lettering on the front that corresponds with the property address; mixing carts between properties can result in utility billing errors. Please write your address on the white bar of the lid to prevent mix-ups. 

  • Moving out? Leave your Garbage and Green Cart at the property for the new owners. 

Garbage and Green Carts are available in three sizes: 120 L, 240 L, and 360 L.

Garbage and Green Carts can be exchanged for different sizes at any time of the year; however, exchange fees may apply. 

Changing the size of your Garbage Cart will impact your annual Garbage and Green Waste utility fee. The 2021 Garbage and Green Waste Utility fees for each cart size are:

  • 120 L: $264 per year
  • 240 L: $350 per year
  • 360 L: $494 per year

Residents can purchase additional Green Carts. The size and number of Green Carts at your property will not impact your annual Garbage and Green Waste utility fee. 

The one-time cost to purchase an additional Green Cart varies depending on cart size:

  • 120 L: $140
  • 240 L: $150
  • 360 L: $160

To order carts for your new home, replace lost or missing carts, or to request a cart exchange, contact Waste Reduction by email  or call 604-927-3500.