Green Carts

Separate your waste into one of three waste streams: Garbage, Green Waste, and Recycling. On this page learn what materials are accepted in your city-issued  Green Carts. Use the Waste Wizard tool below to easily search for specific items and learn what to do with extra garbage or yard waste.

Acceptable Materials

These materials CAN go into your Green Cart:

  1. Food Scraps
  2. Food Soiled Paper
  3. Yard Waste
  • Dairy products
  • Egg shells
  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Meat, bones, fish, and seafood 
  • Noodles, rice, beans, and grains
  • Small amounts of oil and fat (soaked in paper towel or newspaper)
  • Teabags, coffee grounds, and filters

Unacceptable Materials

These materials CANNOT be placed in your Green Cart as they contaminate and degrade the quality of the finished compost: 

  • Plastics / Plastic bags
    • Any plastic product even those labelled “compostable”, “biodegradable”, or “PLA (Polylactic Acid)” 
  • Pet waste
    • Animal feces
    • Kitty litter
  • Large branches, tree stumps, or lumber
  • Rocks, soil, or sod

What to do with Extra Yard Waste

Missed Collections

If your carts are not collected by 7:30 pm, please bring them inside and contact Waste Connections of Canada in the morning to report the missed collection. Carts left at the curb overnight will attract wildlife and you risk receiving a fine of $500.

If you missed your collection, please contact Waste Connections of Canada by email or call 604-636-3520.


  • Do not place your cart out the night before collection. Doing so may result in a $500 fine.
  • Do not place any type of plastic bag in the Green Cart, including those labelled “biodegradable” or “compostable”. Doing so may result in missed collection or a $150 fine.

Green Cart Options

The size and number of green carts at your property will not impact the annual garbage utility fee.

Green carts are available in three sizes (120 litre, 240 litre, and 360 litre) and can be exchanged at any time for a $50 exchange fee. Contact Waste Reduction by email or call 604-927-3500 to exchange cart size.

Additional green carts can also be purchased for a one-time fee depending on the size of cart you choose:

  • 120 litre size - $140
  • 240 litre size - $150
  • 360 litre size - $160