Austin Works Yard Renewal Project

Austin Works Yard, located at 500 Mariner Way, is the City of Coquitlam’s primary public works operations centre and currently houses a number of critical municipal departments and services. The Yard is near its operational capacity and key facilities have reached the end of their useful life and require replacement.

Austin Works Yard Renewal

To meet the long-term service needs of Coquitlam, the Austin Works Yard is undergoing a number of improvements within the facility’s lot boundary:

  • Construction of a new Fleet Maintenance and Workshop Building;
  • Expansion of the western portion of the existing Works Yard and associated bulk storage to the north and west;
  • Conversion of vacated workshop spaces within the Water Sewer Utility Building into administrative spaces;
  • Demolition of the existing Fleet Maintenance and Auxiliary Building to convert into fleet parking and storage; and
  • Realignment of the public trails that currently pass within the Austin Works Yard property to Mundy Park.

Mundy Park Trail Realignment

The renewal project also provided the opportunity to undertake a separate initiative to realign two trails that passed outside of the Mundy Park Forest Reserve and into the Austin Works Yard lot boundary. These trails include the Mundy Park Community Path Greenway and the Austin Trail path. The realigned trails consist of an updated Mundy Park Community Path Greenway, and a portion of the future King Albert Greenway Multi-Use Pathway that will better align with the City’s Strategic Transportation Plan for the future King Albert Greenway extension.

Staff worked closely with a professional Forester/Arborist and Landscape Architect to ensure the realigned pathways avoided mature, large diameter trees. However, trees with pre-existing defects or decay and trees likely to pose a future fall risk were removed from the general trail route area to ensure safety for park users. Any trees removed as part of the work will be replaced by the City with native trees within the Mundy Park Forest Reserve boundaries.  

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The majority of work is expected to take place within the Austin Works Yard lot boundary and along the new realigned trail routes. To facilitate new trail construction, the southern portions of the existing Austin Trail and Mundy Park Community Path will be closed to pedestrians while the new trails are being constructed. However, Mundy Park will remain accessible along alternative access routes

Laneway restrictions for vehicle and pedestrian traffic along Austin Avenue are expected to be in-place during underground service works and sidewalk improvements. A temporary increase in construction-related truck traffic is also expected during construction along Austin Avenue and Mariner Way.