Tips & Tools to Save Water

Watering Tips at Home

Below you will find tips on watering around your home. 

  1. Tips for a Healthy Lawn
  2. Tips for a Water Wise Garden
  3. General Water Wise tips
  • Aerate your lawn in spring and/or fall to give the soil access to air and nutrients. Leave the soil plugs to dry and break them up to return them to the ground. 
  • Plant your lawn in at least a month prior to the start of the region-wide water use restrictions on May 1 and let the rain handle the watering for you.
  • Add drought-tolerant, low maintenance ground cover plants to your lawn such as microclover and thyme. Visit Metro Vancouver’s Grow Green Guide for ideas and some inspiration! 
  • Let your lawn turn gold in the summer. Grasses naturally go dormant during the hot, dry summer and will turn green again in the fall when heavy dews and rain return.
  • In the summer,  mow your lawn to keep it about 6 centimeters high and leave grass clippings on your lawn to keep it as cool and moist as possible.
  • Reduce your lawn watering to about one hour of deep watering per week. Turn the sprinkler off when you see water constantly running off of your lawn.

Purchase Water Wise Tools

We can all do our part to conserve our precious water supply. Coquitlam offers low-cost sales of water wise tools and simple tips to help reduce water use at home. Proof of Coquitlam residency is required.

Where to Purchase

You can email Water Conservation or call 604-927-3636 for payment and pickup details. 

  1. Rain Barrels
  2. Electronic Water Timers

A rain barrel  collects and stores rainwater from the roof to reuse on  gardens, lawns and hanging baskets. 

Cost $73, tax included


  • 208 Litres (55 gallon) capacity - 34 inches height by 24 inches width
  • Easily accommodates existing downspouts
  • Made of 50% recycled materials
  • Overflow capability, can be linked to another rain barrel
  • Square shape and neutral colour blends into any gardenscape 
  • Stainless steel screen keeps out bugs and leaf debris