Community Amenity Contributions Program

A Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) is a voluntary financial contribution. It applies to all new residential development that requires rezoning – even if you’re just redeveloping a single lot – in order to ensure new amenities are provided as the community grows.  

This funding is used to help pay for major capital projects identified in Coquitlam’s Official Community Plan, Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan and Strategic Transportation Plan. These projects can include libraries, community or recreation centres, arts facilities or youth centres; improvements to parkland and other public facilities; space for non-profit groups that serve the community, affordable housing; child care; greenways and trails; transit improvements; and streetscape upgrades. 

Who pays and how much? 

Developers pay CACs on all new residential development up to the base density in the zone at the time of rezoning. The new rates starting on February 1, 2023 (2023 rates) is $64.58 per m2 ($6.00 per sq. ft.) of the net gross floor area below the base density (which varies by zones) for new multi-family residential developments requiring a rezoning, and $10,000 per net lot for single-family development, created through a subdivision and requiring a rezoning. The CAC rates will be adjusted every year based on the inflation rate (Consumer Price Index (CPI), reported annually by Statistics Canada). 

The 2024 Citywide CAC rates are:

  • $67.49 per m2 ($6.27 per sq. ft.) for net new multi-family residential gross floor area up to the base density in the zone.
  • $10,450 per net lot for new single-family developments, created through a subdivision and requiring a rezoning.

CAC’s do not apply to non-residential floor space, below-market rental housing or non-market housing.

For more information, please refer to the Community Amenity Contribution (CAC) Collection Policy and Procedure (PDF).