Planning and Development

The Department of Planning and Development guides Coquitlam’s growth, working with the public and other stakeholders to ensure development reflects our community’s priorities and meets legislative and safety requirements. The Department also oversees economic development in the City.

The following divisions carry out the work:

  • Building Permits
  • Business Services
  • Community Planning
  • Development Services
  •  Economic Development

Building Permits

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide plan and inspection review services to encourage compliance with codes, bylaws and standards
  • Shape the City’s policies and procedures related to buildings and building environment to encourage compliance with codes, bylaws and standards

Business Services

Key responsibilities:

  • Coordinate departmental strategic planning and business improvements to streamline and improve the efficiency of application processes
  • Act as a liaison between all departments to support service enhancements

Community Planning

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop plans (such as the Official Community Plan) and strategies for shaping growth to meet land use, transportation, environmental, social, cultural, infrastructure, business, neighbourhood and other needs
  • Conduct public consultation, stakeholder engagement and research to support planning functions

Development Services

Key responsibilities:

  • Process development applications in compliance with City plans and bylaws to encourage high-quality urban design, promote housing affordability and ensure new development contributes to Coquitlam’s high quality of life
  • Guide and provide advice on development matters to the City and Council from a policy perspective
  • Manage servicing and infrastructure upgrades associated with new development

Economic Development

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop, manage and implement a variety of Economic Development strategic initiatives in an effort to promote, attract and grow the local business community
  • Market the competitive advantage of the City and its businesses and attracting investors, tourists and film productions
  • Support the City’s Business LinQ program to support, expand and retain new and existing businesses
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders such as provincial/federal government agencies, international trade offices, real estate firms, industry associations and others