Southwest Housing Review

The Southwest Housing Review is a multi-phased project to expand the range of housing options throughout Southwest Coquitlam, helping to create more compact, complete communities, and supporting sustainable transportation choices.

Latest News

The scope for the remainder of the Southwest Housing Review needs to be revised to better reflect the costs, constraints and opportunities of servicing development, housing demand, and evolving housing policies and priorities for both Coquitlam and senior levels of government.

The current work for the Southwest Housing Review involves a technical review titled the “Community Baseline” to identify opportunities and constraints for growth by considering:

  • The infrastructure needed to accommodate growth (e.g., streets, streetscapes and utilities)
  • Existing and potential future transportation networks (pedestrian, micromobility, public transit and streets)
  • Proximity and access to parks, public services, amenities and daily needs
  • Environmental considerations
  • Social, housing and economic factors 

Southwest Housing Review Timeline

Phase 1 - 2020 (complete)

Phase 2 – 2021/2022 (complete)

Future Phases

  • To be determined

Each phase will include opportunities for public input. Those opportunities will be posted to the Southwest Housing Review public engagement page

Additional Information

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