Demolition Permits

Demolition permits are required for all building types and situations:

  • Commercial and large industrial structures
  • Damaged buildings as a result of an event, e.g. fire, flooding or earthquakes
  • Portions of a single-family home if the life safety systems are compromised during reconstruction

Prior to issuing a Demolition permit, the City requires all property owners to verify  that the buildings onsite are free of pests, such as rats.

Apply for a Demolition Permit

  1. Obtain and complete all documents listed in our Demolition Permits Brochure (PDF).
  2. Visit the Building Permits Division on the Main Floor at Coquitlam City Hall in person to apply for a Demolition Permit. Bring all required documentation. We will also ask for some basic information about the property, and collect. A Permit Application Fee.
  3. Next, visit the Engineering & Public Works Department to arrange and pay for water shut off by City staff, capping of existing sanitary and storm connections, and other requirements. If you have a Building Permit application, we will give you a form for Driveway Access.