Sign Permits

Anyone intending to place a sign on the exterior of any building or structure, or on any property in the City, must make an application and obtain approval from the Planning and Development Department for a Sign Permit, prior to installation. The majority of new exterior signs or sign alterations require a permit to be issued prior to installation. This requirement applies to both permanent and time-limited signs. If you are unsure whether your proposed sign requires a permit, please email Sign Permits or call 604-927-3430

Applications for sign permits are reviewed for compliance with the City’s Sign Bylaw:

Comprehensive Sign Plans

A Comprehensive Sign Plan may pertain to a lot where there are multiple tenancies, such as a shopping centre, or where there are joint sign applications for adjoining lots on one side of a street. Under a Comprehensive Sign Plan, a Sign Coordinator is appointed in writing by the owner of the lots, and/or businesses involved with the Comprehensive Sign Plan. The Sign Coordinator has jurisdiction over and approves the proposed signs. The Sign Coordinator’s Approval Form should be submitted along with a Sign Permit application.