Help For People Who Are Homeless

Emergency Shelter Year-Round, 24/7

For information on available shelter spaces in the Tri-Cities:

Supportive Housing

Thirty self-contained suites at 3030 Gordon Avenue provide longer term accommodation (typically up to 2 years) for previously homeless persons preparing for independent living. Supports are provided, as necessary.

To apply for a transitional housing suite:

  • Contact: 604-648-4270, BC Housing’s Orange Hall Office
  • Email: BC Housing

For more information on other supportive housing, contact BC Housing:

Tri-Cities Street Survival Guide

See the Tri-Cities Street Survival Guide (PDF) for lists of available services to those who are in need, including: 

  • Clothing
  • Community Policing Offices
  • Food Banks
  • Laundry and shower services
  • Meals
  • Medical and/or addictions Help
  • Shelter
  • Income and Employment Assistance Office Locations

Outreach Services

The Hope for Freedom Society operates a program of outreach to persons homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Tri-Cities, under contract to BC Housing. Two outreach workers seek out homeless persons where they live, establishing contact, developing rapport, and connecting them with available resources and services when they are ready.

For more information, please contact Hope for Freedom Society:

Additional Information

Tri-Cities Homelessness and Housing Task Group: Resources in the Tri-Cities including food and meal programs, and information about what homelessness looks like in our communities and what you can do to help.  Maintained by a community committee working to end homelessness in the Tri-Cities.

BC Housing: Website of the provincial agency responsible for developing, managing, and administering a wide range of subsidized housing options across the province.