Be "Bear Smart"

Coquitlam is home to bears, coyotes and other urban wildlife. These animals will often enter our neighbourhoods and yards looking for food or shelter. It is important that we avoid inviting wildlife to our properties by removing attractants, such as garbage, pet food, fruit and making others inaccessible, such as bird feeders.

"Bear Smart" Guidelines

  • Store garbage and green carts and recycling in an area inaccessible to wildlife.
  • Place Carts and recycling at the curbside after 5:30 am on collection day.
  • Pick fruit.
  • Keep pet food inside.
  • Suspend and clean up fallen seed.
  • Store refrigerators and freezers inside.
  • Practice responsible composting.
  • Keep barbeques clean.

Become a "Bear Smart" Household - Take the Pledge

You can promise to follow Coquitlam’s "Bear Smart" Guidelines and complete our online pledge to become a "Bear Smart Household." The City will mail you a Bear Smart sticker that you can display to show your community that you are a proud Bear Smart Household!

Take the "Bear Smart" Pledge.

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