Existing Businesses

Serving You During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The City of Coquitlam is supporting businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic with continuing services and resources, including our Business Support Portal. Many departments in the City are now open for drop-in visits. Long queues may be expected and we encourage you to consider online options. City service updates and other information is also posted on our main COVID-19 page.

Coquitlam businesses wanting to offer services or supplies in support of the COVID-19 response.

Supporting Your Business During COVID-19

The City of Coquitlam is working to provide continuity and support for businesses during this challenging time. 

Please see below or contact the Economic Development Office at 604-927-3905 or email the Office  with any questions.

Temporary Outdoor Business Spaces

The City has established a simple, expedited process to help Coquitlam businesses set up temporary patios and outdoor spaces to help support their business recovery during the pandemic. Visit the program page for additional information including the application guidelines and FAQs. Or email the office.

Planning and Development

Check here for the latest bulletins and service updates.

Business Support and Licensing



Call for suppliers of medical supplies and personal protective equipment: Public Works and Government Services Canada.

Coquitlam businesses wanting to offer services or supplies in support of the COVID-19 response:  www.gov.bc.ca/supplyhub.

Is your business offering takeout and delivery? Let us know by emailing the Tourism Office, so we can share on social media!

Businesses in our Parks

Coquitlam’s parks are provided for the public’s use and enjoyment. Our bylaws prohibit businesses from advertising or operating in them in any way, even if services are free. Only the City’s publicly-sponsored programs are allowed.

Businesses seeking additional space to provide services are urged to look into Coquitlam’s Temporary Outdoor Business Spaces program, an expedited process that gives businesses access to adjacent private or public property for restaurant seating, display and sales space, checkout areas or other services. Details available by visiting our Temporary Outdoor Business Spaces page.

Coquitlam Business Connects

Coquitlam Business Connects is a business outreach program that focuses on keeping businesses in Coquitlam, while helping them grow and succeed. Coquitlam Business Connects:

  • provides Coquitlam businesses with support, resources and advice;
  • serves as a liaison between businesses and the City;
  • looks for ways to make City processes more business-friendly;
  • builds relationships with local businesses to better understand and meet their needs; and
  • seeks opportunities to promote and support Coquitlam’s businesses.

How We Can Help Your Business

Coquitlam Business Connects supports companies of any size, type and sector. All services are provided at no cost to the business. Specific services include:

  • assisting businesses through City approval processes, such as permits and licensing;
  • providing information about relevant City policies and initiatives, e.g. zoning, bylaws and programs;
  • providing information about business opportunities in Coquitlam;
  • assisting with site searches for growing companies;
  • referrals to organizations, programs and resources;
  • providing introductions to key local business contacts and organizations; and
  • supplying statistics, demographics, market research and other information to support business planning.

Need help growing your business or have a question about City processes? Contact us today.

Coquitlam Business Connects and the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce

An integral part of the Program is working collaboratively with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce on a variety of projects and activities. Maintaining a good rapport with the Chamber of Commerce is vital to developing programs and initiatives that assist the local business community. Some examples of these partnership programs and initiatives are Small Business Week, Social Media Mondays and the Tri-Cities Intermunicipal Business Licence Program.