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The first proposed extension to the original Coquitlam Crunch Trail is the Coquitlam Crunch South Extension, running south of the Barnet Highway from Dewdney Trunk up the slope to Mariner Way and connecting to Mundy Park.

We are seeking input on how users currently use the existing Crunch trail, and how you envision using the planned Coquitlam Crunch South Extension trail. 

Addressing Increased Visitor Numbers 

A long-time destination for fitness enthusiasts, the existing Crunch trail typically sees as many as 52,000 people each month during peak season. However, increased use during the pandemic has created parking and road safety issues. 

The City has been working with neighbours of the existing Crunch trail and have implemented several measures in response. Plans for viewing decks and exercise equipment areas have been deferred until after the extension trail is operational. 

In the fall of 2020, the City completed a pedestrian crossing on Guildford Way to encourage use of the Runnel Drive parking lot at the foot of the existing trail. New signage promoting road safety and directing visitors to the lower parking lot is also being installed, and will include an electronic sign at the Lansdowne parking lot indicating real-time parking space capacity. 

The proposed Coquitlam Crunch South Extension will expand the trail to the southeast Coquitlam area, providing additional capacity for residents to enjoy the outdoor recreation amenity throughout the city.