Alcohol in Parks

Adults can now be able to drink alcohol responsibly at Coquitlam parks.

The Responsible Consumption of Liquor in Public Places Bylaw was approved by Council on July 4, 2022, allowing alcohol consumption at more than 50 parks in Coquitlam from dawn to dusk, excluding property owned, leased or licensed to the City by School District 43. Signage will be posted at parks letting users know if alcohol is allowed or not. 

Park Users

Adults who choose to drink in Coquitlam parks are expected to drink responsibly, respect other users and clean up after themselves.

The RCMP, parks staff and Bylaw Officers will continue to routinely monitor the sites.


Outside alcohol is not permitted in a City park when a sanctioned event within the park has a special event liquor licence (e.g., Canada Day, Carribbean Days Festival, Kaleidoscope, etc.)