Snow Angels

About the Program

The Snow Angel program attempts to unite people who need help clearing their adjacent City sidewalks of snow, with eager volunteers from our community who want to help.

When it snows, City crews clear our roadways and property owners clear their sidewalks, driveways/walkways (includes city adjacent sidewalks) – all in an effort to keep Coquitlam moving. But for some members of our community, particularly seniors, moving snow is a difficult task. Snow Angels will respond to requests made to the City by those who are unable to shovel their own adjacent City sidewalk due to physical disabilities or restrictions.

Volunteer to be a Snow Angel

Snow Angels can be anyone who wishes to volunteer to help make our City’s sidewalks safer for those in need. Individuals, groups or families may sign up to become Snow Angels volunteers together. Individual volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. Groups or families who wish to volunteer together must have a designated team leader. The team leader must be 19 years of age or older and will be responsible for the group.

Once the volunteer screening process is complete, the City staff will provide training and equipment to Snow Angel Volunteers to assist qualified, pre-approved residents that they are matched with.


  • 16 years of age or older
  • Coquitlam resident
  • In adequate physical shape and capable of clearing snow
  • Commitment: 1 to 2 homes per individual each session; the volunteer term will run all of the 2023 to 2024 winter season, with requests being weather dependent

Start Now

Start the volunteer process to become a Snow Angel.

Snow Angels Volunteer Stories

Curious what it’s like to volunteer as a Snow Angel? We’ve reached out to past volunteers to see what the experience was like for them. See their stories below.

Want to be featured as a Snow Angel and share your volunteer story? Snap a photo and send it to the Community Services staff

Access Support from the Snow Angels Program

You must be a resident of Coquitlam and be unable to shovel your own adjacent city sidewalk (does not include personal walkways/driveways) due to a physical disability or restriction, over the age of 65 or concerned that the physical exertion from a heavy snowfall is too much.


Resident of Coquitlam with an adjacent city sidewalk (does not include walkways/driveways).

  • 65 years of age or older
  • Under 65 years of age, with a disability
  • Unable to clear the snow on your adjacent city sidewalk
  • Must complete a Snow Angels Application Form (PDF) (includes a waiver to be signed)

No Match? Here’s What to Do Next

All eligible Snow Angel applicants will be placed on a list of addresses to be considered. While we do our best, the City cannot predict the magnitude of snowfalls, the availability of volunteers or the number of eligible applicants. Even as an approved applicant, the Snow Angels program cannot guarantee that volunteers will be dispatched to clear your sidewalks in the event of a snowfall.

Under the City’s Boulevard Maintenance Bylaw (PDF), it is the responsibility of the property owner to remove snow and ice from all sidewalks bordering their property within 10 hours after a snowfall. Please plan ahead and ensure arrangements have been made. This may include reaching out to friends, family, neighbours or hiring a private snow removal company.