Service Providers

QNet brings fibre optic cable to a building or complex, and telecom service providers (TSPs) take care of the next steps – connecting businesses and residents with our ultra-fast network. 

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Join Our Growing List of TSPs

Expand your network. Access tens of thousands of homes and businesses throughout Coquitlam. Provide your service at greater speed and lower cost through low fixed-rate leases of carrier-grade fibre optic capacity. 

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Why QNet?

QNet’s business model for telecom service providers is simple. We pay all the capital costs – so you have access to a superior fibre-to-the-premises network in return for a low monthly lease rate. You’ll gain access to Coquitlam’s fibre optic utility – the first of its kind in Canada – which now covers 90 kilometres throughout the city. 

Your Business Benefits

  • Access a turnkey fibre optic solution with minimal capital costs.
  • Tap in to Coquitlam’s large population and business base.
  • Deliver increased services to your customers, at greater speeds.
  • Access QNet’s state-of-the-art Data Centre Facility, where you can install your TX/RX equipment free of charge.
  • Connect through to long-distance fibre optic networks that terminate at the Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX).

Wireless Services

QNet’s city-wide fibre optic network provides an exceptional foundation for ultra-high-speed wireless networks. Our fibre network is underground, concrete-protected and in many cases deployed on diverse routes, ensuring superior reliability.

Since QNet only provides dark (unused) optical fibre connections, wireless service providers can use their own electronics to scale bandwidth as required to meet consumer demand.

Leasing Process 

We make the leasing process simple and quick. Legal documents are short and easy to understand, and lease rates are uncomplicated.