Development Application Process and Standard Plans

To simplify the Development Permit process, the City of Coquitlam developed Standard Plans for triplexes and fourplexes for the public to use and modify to fit their property’s size and slope. Using a standard plan package, which is an approved design, your hired professionals can put together a triplex or fourplex Development Permit application package quicker. This will also result in a faster and more predictable staff review. See the Standard Plans Development Application Process handout (PDF) for more details. 

If your property is not rectangular, is on a corner, does not have current or future lane access per Schedule R (PDF) of the Zoning Bylaw, or you wish to use your own design, please see our RT-1 Development Application Process handout (PDF)

Triplex or Fourplex Standard Plans

Explore our catalogue of Standard Plan Packages that vary in style and find one that meets your needs and property.

  1. 1 Computed generated image of a beech and cedar fourplex housing project
  2. 2 Computed generated image of a dark brown and gray brick fourplex housing project
  3. 3 Computed generated image of a fourplex housing project
  4. 4 Computed generated image of a fourplex housing project
  5. 5 Computed generated image of a brown and orange triplex housing project
  6. 6 Computed generated image of a brown and blue triplex housing project

The Standard Plans need to be adjusted by your designer or architect to fit your property (e.g. slope, garbage pick-up location, existing trees, utility servicing requirements, etc.). The standard plans have been created with Coquitlam’s sloping properties in mind; with the individual units able to be adjusted independently from the other units, to build as close as possible to match the existing grade of your property. Your designer or architect may also want to consider EV charging capability and BC Energy Step Code Level 3 eligibility.

Your designer or architect will need to adjust the plan package for your property, including:

  • Limiting outside stairs and retaining walls proposed - to improve the project’s fit into the neighbourhood;
  • Limiting the number of stairs between the garbage enclosure and the garbage pick-up location;
  • Incorporating retained trees in the site design;
  • Anticipating storm water management and utility locations, including the possibility of BC Hydro infrastructure.

As the intent of the Standard Plans is to simplify the Development Permit process, the interior layout must remain substantially the same and the exterior appearance and materials (including window and door sizes and specifications, fence details, landscaping details) are not permitted to be changed if you wish to participate in the simplified Standard Plan process. If the interior layout is substantially altered or the exterior appearance of the building is changed, the application must follow the normal Development Permit design review process which may add to the review time and require further revision cycles.

If you are interested in using one of the Standard Plans packages, contact the Development Information Team with the option you want to use and a copy of a current (within one year) topographic survey. The Development Information Team can be reached by emailing, calling 604-927-3430, or in-person at City Hall. Staff will reply with the estimated elevations to be followed along the road frontage(s), a copy of the appropriate CAD drawings, and further instructions. 

The Application Process 

Before you can apply for a Building Permit to build your proposed triplex or fourplex you need to receive a number of approvals from the City. 

You may also need:

  • A Subdivision for any required road of lane dedications. 
  • A Watercourse Protection Development Permit if the proposed development is located within a Watercourse Protection Development Permit Area in the Maillardville, Austin Heights and Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plans). More information is available in our Watercourse Protection Development Permit Guide (PDF).

More information is available on our Builder Resources page or in our Development Permit Application Guide (PDF), which outlines the process for obtaining a Development Permit.

For more information on using the City’s standard plans, read our Standard Plan Development Application Process handout (PDF). If you are using a custom design, please read our RT-1 Development Application Process handout (PDF)