Sharing our Streets

The City encourages residents to walk, bike and ride transit to reduce congestion, improve air quality and allow for more reliable goods movement. With the addition of emerging mobility options gaining popularity, it is more important than ever to remind residents to share our streets safely and respectfully. 

Below are some tips to help be mindful of other users and aware of your surroundings when walking, cycling and driving.   

The City of Coquitlam is regulated by the Provincial Motor Vehicle Act and the City of Coquitlam Street & Traffic Bylaw. Both regulations ensure fair and safe practice in our community.

  1. Bicycling Safety Tips
  2. Driving Safety Tips
  3. Walking Safety Tips

Bicycling is an attractive and viable choice for transportation. This mobility option is continuing to evolve and Coquitlam is committed to the continued expansion and improvement bicycle network. 

  • Wear a helmet and do not wear headphones while riding.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks unless a sign advises that it is permitted.
  • Multi-use pathways are shared facilities - slow down when approaching pedestrians.
  • Walk your bicycle across a crosswalk, unless the crosswalk has parallel dotted lines and/or a sign permitting riding within the crosswalk.
  • Watch for other vehicles when riding through green conflict zone pavement.
  • Remember to ride on the same side of the street and in the same direction as motor vehicles unless indicated differently. 
  • Watch for vehicle doors opening and closing, and vehicles pulling in and out of parking spots. 
  • Ring your bell or use your voice to warn others when overtaking another pathway user.
  • Make eye contact especially with drivers at intersections and driveways. 
  • Use hand signals when making turns, slowing down or stopping on the roadway. 
  • Be predictable and don’t make erratic movements.

For more cycling education and safety tips, refer to HUB Cycling, a charitable, not-for-profit organization improving cycling conditions in Metro Vancouver.