Earth Day

Join the City of Coquitlam this month in celebrating Earth Day 2024 with events and activities running April 14 – 30.

With two weeks of City programming, you can jump into a number of activities to get into nature, learn about sustainable practices, and connect with your community to help preserve our planet. Show your support for the planet—and have fun while you do it—with free workshops, film screenings, volunteer opportunities and more happening before, during and after Earth Day on Monday, April 22.

Local Earth Day Events

Compost Works (April 14 – 16)

Take part in one of our hands-on Compost Works sessions and learn why you should compost at home. You’ll get up to speed on various composting methods and techniques. Come discover the many creatures that help turn your kitchen scraps into gardeners’ gold.

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Volunteer Week (April 14 – 21) 

Coquitlam also celebrates National Volunteer Week once again this year, with special tie-ins to Earth Day through open volunteer opportunities in our Inspiration Garden and with our Park Spark team. 

Learn more at our Volunteer Opportunities page.

Earth Day Movies (April 22) 

Come see screenings of two documentary films, Biggest Little Farm (2018) at Glen Pine Pavilion and Addicted to Plastic (2008) at Dogwood Pavilion, each curated to shed light on environmental issues and advocacy. While you enjoy the films, purchase lunch or a snack from our cafes onsite – Lemon Tree Café at Glen Pine, and Boulevard and Tea Garden cafes at Dogwood.

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Earth Week Seed Pops Workshops (April 22 – 27) 

Join one of our hands-on wildflower seed pops workshops running the week of April 22-27. “Seed pops” bundle individual seeds with natural additives and biodegradable materials. These colorful bundles are easy to plant and grow in home gardens.

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Indoor Planter Workshop (April 28)

Create a beautiful indoor planter to welcome the spring season. Green thumbs of all ages and abilities are welcome. All supplies included. 

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Wormy Workshop (April 28 – 30)

Meet some soil-dwellers! In this workshop, you’ll use a magnifying glass to interact with worms and other garden creatures. Learn all about the diet and anatomy of these key members of a healthy garden.

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Seed Pops, Indoor Planter, Compost Works and Wormy Workshops are all workshops that qualify for this year’s Compost Giveaway, which runs throughout April and May. Learn more

Earth Day Swap and Sale

Due to low registration numbers, the Swap and Sale has been cancelled.