Compost Giveaway

Coquitlam is Giving Away Compost this Spring

Coquitlam residents are invited to pick up a bag of free compost from one of a number of the City's spring gardening events or workshops being held this spring from March through May.

How to Get your Compost

Attend one of the following events to pick up your free bag of compost. Participation is required, some events require pre-registration, and most events are free with a few that have a small registration fee. 

Pop-up Event 

Date: Friday, April 26
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
Location: Community Plaza, Town Center Park 

 March 19 – May 30:  Park Spark Gardening Workshops – Registration Required

Search the City’s Program Recreation Guide for program descriptions, dates and details on the following workshops and sign up to attend - participation is required - and receive a bag of compost for your participation.  You can also search Registration directly by program name. 

  • Compost Works
  • Earth Week Seed Pops Workshop
  • Garden Basics, Starting from the Seed
  • Hanging Basket Workshop
  • Indoor Planter Workshop
  • Mother’s Day Planter Workshop
  • Pollinator Power
  • Spring Garden Prep Workshop
  • Wormy Workshop

More events and workshops may be added to the schedule - check back for updates.

Composting Helps Reduce Waste

Coquitlam promotes composting as part of its waste-reduction efforts, outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Plan. 

The compost being handed out was created with material that comes from residents’ Green Carts. It’s a great example of waste diversion – keeping organic material out of the landfill by transforming it into a usable product: nutrient-rich soil. Using compost also reduces the need for watering because it helps retain moisture.

Only Put Organics in Green Carts

Because Green Cart materials eventually end up in a garden as compost, it’s important to separate waste correctly and only put organics in the Green Cart. Contaminants like plastic bags – even ones labelled compostable or biodegradable – interfere with the composting process and bring micro-plastics into your yard.

Go to our Green Cart webpage or download the Coquitlam Curbside Collection app (free on Google Play or the App Store) for a handy Waste Wizard search engine and tips on separating waste correctly.

Get a Discounted Composter from the City

To encourage composting at home, the City subsidizes the cost of backyard composters. Coquitlam residents may purchase discounted composters at City Hall for $28 including tax by calling 604-927-4306 or email.

For information about backyard composting visit our Waste Reduction webpage.