Business Plan

Whereas Coquitlam’s Strategic Plan outlines five major strategic goals for the City, the Business Plan provides the annual action plan for the organization. The City provides a broad range of services to the community and the Business Plan assists staff in focusing resources, including staff time, on the most important city priorities each year. Council bases the Business Plan priorities on the following criteria:

  • Strategic goals and directives
  • Council priorities
  • Public priorities based on Ipsos Reid and general feedback
  • Initiatives currently underway and budgeted
  • Required externally driven initiatives

2020 Business Plan & Priorities

The 2020 Business Plan (PDF) priorities have been organized into themes under each of the City’s five strategic goals. Each theme has direct work items and are ranked to indicate relative importance. The definitions of these rankings are as follows:

  • "A" Priority: Initiatives that are most strongly supported as top priorities for the current year because they meet the majority of the following criteria:
    • Considerable budget impact and/or human resource effort
    • Significant Council or community interest
    • Dependence on external partners
    • Mandatory or legislated
  • "B" Priority: Initiatives that are supported as priorities because they meet some of the above criteria, however, they may be deferred if circumstances throughout the year so dictate
  • "C" Priority: Initiatives that are important but may be deferred if time and resources are not available