Accessibility is at the forefront of the services that the City of Coquitlam provides. Delivering community facilities, infrastructure, neighbourhood plans and community recreation programs for people of all ages and abilities are just a few examples of our commitment to accessibility.

At the City we:

  • Develop and periodically update our plans and regulations to guide the planning and implementation of our City services, neighbourhoods, community facilities, recreation programs, parks and infrastructure
  • Encourage the cost-effective provision of housing which either meets, or can readily be adapted to meet, the needs of people with disabilities
  • Design and build a street network that is accessible to individuals of varying ages and abilities
  • Design and build pedestrian infrastructure with the abilities of all users in mind
  • Provide access to local transit through sidewalk connections, passenger landing pads, and other bus stop facilities for people of all abilities
  • Welcome people of all abilities to our Parks, Recreation and Culture programs and services

From planning and regulation to implementation, accessibility is and will continue to be at the heart of the services we provide.

Accessibility Resources

The following are some references to City’s regulations and policies on access to City infrastructure for people with disabilities. This list may be updated periodically as more resources are identified.