Pipeline Road Design Project

We will be upgrading Pipeline Road (JPEG) from Guildford Way to David Avenue. This project will:

  • Improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers;
  • Increase road capacity;
  • Improve aesthetics and lighting;
  • Improve pedestrian facilities; and
  • Improve access to Town Centre Park.

As part of the project:

  • Pipeline Road between Guildford Way and David Avenue will be widened to accommodate four lanes of vehicle traffic with dedicated left turn lanes;
  • A new 4.0-metre-wide asphalt multi-use pathway will be constructed along the west side of the road; and 
  • Additional improvements including new street and pathway lighting, new landscaped centre medians, and new street trees and plantings.

Stay Informed

To stay informed about the project, monitor this page visit or sign up for Pipeline Road Upgrade Project updates or follow the City’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter for news and information.

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Pedestrian & Cycling Safety:

  • New 4.0 metre asphalt pathway; 
  • Crosswalk improvements; and
  • New pathway lighting.

Vehicle Safety and Capacity:

  • Road widening from two lanes to four lanes;
  • New centre medians with landscaping;
  • Dedicated left turn lanes to improve traffic flow and safety; and
  • New street lighting.