What drop-ins are included in the pass?

All drop-in programs within the age group listed below are included with the pass. This includes swimming at both indoor and outdoor pools, drop-in sports and outdoor drop-ins.

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1. What drop-ins are included in the pass?
2. What are the age ranges?
3. Is this pass for Coquitlam residents only?
4. What are the dates that the membership is valid?
5. Is this pass refundable?
6. What is the adult admission with a child, under 7 years, who has a Child and Youth Summer Pass?
7. Can youth, under 16 years of age, use this pass for the fitness centre?
8. What ages can take the Fitness: Youth Orientation?
9. Are youth able to workout alone if they complete the Fitness: Youth Orientation?
10. What does the Fitness: Youth Orientation include?