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1. What is a Transit-Oriented Area?
2. What type of development is allowed in Transit-Oriented Areas through the new provincial housing legislation?
3. How is this development different than Coquitlam’s existing density around transit?
4. What are the parking requirements for developments in Transit-Oriented Areas?
5. Does the City have the authority to exclude or exempt properties and/or neighbourhoods near Skytrain stations that are part of a Transit-Oriented Area?
6. Which Transit-Oriented Area tier is my property located in?
7. Will the City change the zoning for all properties within the Transit-Oriented Areas (i.e. “pre-zone” all properties within Transit-Oriented Areas)?
8. What are the zoning requirements for properties located in Transit-Oriented Areas?
9. My property is located very close to a Transit-Oriented Area boundary. Is it possible to adjust the boundary to either include or exclude my property?
10. Can I do a land assembly with some properties in Transit-Oriented Areas and some that are not?
11. Do the allowances for Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing apply within Transit-Oriented Areas?
12. What is the timeline for the implementation of the Transit-Oriented Areas?
13. When will the zones be updated to reflect the minimum allowable densities in transit-oriented areas set out by the Province?