How will my application be reviewed?

An Event Planning Committee meets to review all artist and performer applications. We are looking for performers that will entertain the community and celebrate the spirit and cultural diversity of Coquitlam. Our goal is to present a variety of musical talents, singers/songwriters, artists and cultural performance groups. We want to offer something for every entertainment lover and create a dynamic line-up for a versatile arts and culture experience.


Selection criteria for performers includes:

  • Availability
  • Suitability for event audience
  • Related festival/event experience

Due to the high volume of interest received, we have streamlined the submission process using the online form. We only follow-up with shortlisted applicants; however, all applications and information received will be kept on file for future review and consideration.

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3. How will my application be reviewed?
4. If I’m accepted to an event, can I sell my CD/DVD or other merchandise?