How will I know if I need to give some of my property to widen the road or lane?

Different bylaws trigger the need for road or lane widening. Some properties which would possibly be impacted by widening include those next to arterial and collector streets (as shown on Schedule “R” to the Zoning Bylaw (PDF)). Widening may also impact properties that are:

  • Next to lanes behind arterial streets;
  • Next to a lane and lane intersection;
  • Next to a street and street intersection;
  • In a location on, or near, where a lane is proposed to be built, as shown on Schedule “R” to the Zoning Bylaw (PDF).

For specific information relating to your property, please contact Development Services staff.

If road or lane dedication(s) is required, you need to submit a Subdivision Application (PDF) in addition to your Development Permit Application.

Make sure you add to the Development Application Form (PDF), a Subdivision – Lot Line Adjustment Application, and include the items in the application package identified on the Submission Requirement Checklist on page 5 of the Development Application Form (PDF).

For more information on subdivisions, read the Subdivision Application Guide (PDF) and Drawing Details (PDF) required for the Application.