What documents do you need to apply?

Address Verification

  • Bills or government issue ID
    • Provide a copy/scan of a bill or government issue ID that matches your application’s address that is current within two months.
    • E.g. Bills: cable, gas, electricity, phone, internet, utility, rental agreement, bank statement, government documents
    • E.g. ID: BC driver’s licence, BC Services card, BC ID, passport, permanent resident card must be current for primary applicant
  • An Adjudicator or referring Agency can also verify residency
  • Bills and ID must be in the name of one adult in the family with same Coquitlam address as on application

Income Verification – The City uses the Low Income Cut-off (LICO) from Statistics Canada as a reference.

  • Provide income verification from any of the following:
    1. Government assistance documentation OR
    2. Compass Card (red) Eligibility Documentation OR
    3. Agency verification complete on application (if applicable) OR
    4. Adjudicator section complete on application (if applicable) OR
    5. Income statement (Option C print) from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Using family total income before taxes.
  • Submit income statement for each person that contributes to the household income and expense.

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1. Who is eligible to apply?
2. Who is not eligible to apply?
3. What documents do you need to apply?
4. What Government/Income Assistance documents can you submit?
5. What information should not be included in the application?
6. If I receive Old Age Security (OAS), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), or Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits, what do I submit?
7. What is an example of an Agency that could verify a Financial Assistance application?
8. How do you use the Low Income Cut-off table (LICO) if you are not receiving government assistance?
9. What is Total Family Income?
10. How do I use Income Statement for proof of income?
11. How do I apply without an Agency contact?
12. What is an adjudicator?
13. How soon will my/our application(s) be approved?
14. How do I get my 50 free drop-ins pass?
15. How do I contact Community Services staff if I have any questions?
16. How can I check to see the status of my application?
17. What can I do with my 50 free drop-ins and $225 credit?
18. Do you allow program withdrawal and do they get their credit refunded?
19. If I withdraw from a program, where does the credit go?
20. Is there a withdrawal fee of $5 for registered programs using the $225 credit?
21. What happens if I don’t have enough credit left to pay for a program?
22. How do I use my Recreation Credit?
23. How can I register for a program using Recreation Credit?
24. How long is the term for drop-ins and credit?
25. Which drop-in programs is pre-registration required?
26. How do I submit my application?