Is the expansion taking over any portions of Mundy Park?

The works expansion project remains entirely within the confines of the works yard property and will not overlap into Mundy Park. However, the work will include the rerouting of the Mundy Park Community Path and the Austin Trail, which currently passes through the existing Works Yard boundary. The Mundy Park boundaries have not changed to accommodate this project and the Mundy Park Urban Forest Reserve will remain a protected area.

The lands currently within the works yard lot boundary have been held specifically for expansion of the existing yard to accommodate increases in service demands as the City grows. These areas would be difficult to delineate for the typical park user since there are no visual identifiers showing where the park boundary ends and portions of the Mundy Park trails cross over into the works yard boundary.

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1. What is the Austin Works Yard Renewal Project?
2. Is the expansion taking over any portions of Mundy Park?
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