Why was Burquitlam Park selected for this facility?
  • The City and YMCA selected the Burquitlam Park site following a rigorous evaluation by a professional consultant of numerous sites near the Burquitlam SkyTrain station. The site selection process involved a comprehensive and thorough technical review that considered many site feasibility factors, including: 
    • Access
    • Adjacencies
    • Availability
    • Proximity to Transit
    • Site Configuration
    • Traffic Patterns
    • Other Detailed Criteria
  • The project will realize the vision set for the Burquitlam Park site more than 40 years ago. The park lands were acquired in 1977 for the specific purpose of accommodating a future community recreation facility.
  • In addition, the 2002 Burquitlam Neighbourhood Plan identified the need for a future community recreation facility on the site along with the development of a mixed-use development on the site, and the transition of Burquitlam Park to a more urban park. This direction was reinforced in the 2017 Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan.

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1. What is involved in this three-party partnership?
2. How does the community benefit from the three-party partnership model?
3. Why was Burquitlam Park selected for this facility?
4. How was this project established?
5. Will the City have an ownership stake in the new Coquitlam YMCA facility?
6. What amenities will be located in the new Coquitlam YMCA?
7. What fee/membership model will the YMCA use for this new facility?