What kind of projects are DCCs used to fund?

DCCs are used to meet growth-related infrastructure needs through funding:

  • Transportation:
    • Bridge Replacement
    • Capacity Improvements
    • New Roads and Bridges
    • Pedestrian/Bike Overpasses
    • Road Widening
    • Sidewalk and Street Improvements
    • Turning Bays and Signalization
  • Water: New and Upgraded Water Mains, New Water Pump Stations and New Reservoirs
  • Sewer: New Trunk Sewer Mains, New Sanitary Pump Stations and Sewer Upgrades
  • Drainage
    • Culvert Upgrades
    • New Storm Pump Stations
    • Storm Sewer Upgrades
    • Stream Erosion Control Works
    • Water Quality Ponds
  • Parks
    • Acquiring Parkland for Neighbourhood Parks
    • City Parks
    • Community Parks
    • Linear Parks
    • Trails and Greenways Throughout the City and Completing Park Improvements

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