How do I find out if my building is built above flood levels?

Please have a look at the City of Coquitlam Floodplain Map (PDF), and you can see areas which may be impacted by possible flooding - the Pitt River Flood Extent in a lighter blue, and the Fraser and Coquitlam River Flood extent in a darker blue. If you have any questions or are unsure about where your building is located on the map, please contact Engineering and Public Works at 604-927-3500.

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1. When is the potential for flooding the greatest?
2. What area of Coquitlam will be affected by flooding?
3. Does insurance cover flooding and costs of evacuating?
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5. What does the City do to prepare for flooding?
6. What are the possible impacts of flooding?
7. If the highways are closed, where will traffic be re-routed to?
8. How do I find out if my building is built above flood levels?
9. Will the City provide sandbags?
10. Where can I get more information on how to protect my property from flooding?
11. Can we build our own dikes to ensure access to our building is protected?
12. My property is not in the floodplain. Will it be impacted?
13. How can I get disaster financial assistance?
14. What safety issues do I need to consider after a flooding event?
15. What are the possibilities of the Coquitlam River flooding?
16. Is there a flood information line?