Wood Chipping

In order to help residents reduce the fuel load on their properties from hedges and other woody material, Coquitlam Fire Rescue is offering a wood chipping program free of charge. This free program provides residents with an important opportunity to take proactive steps to reduce wildfire risk to their home and property. 

Eligible Materials and How to Participate

Residents living in the Westwood Plateau neighbourhood, Burke Mountain area and the wildland-interface area next to Mundy Park are asked to reach out to Coquitlam Fire Rescue via email to arrange a date from these Saturday options: March 23 and 30 or April 6. 

Eligible trees and materials include:

  • cedar
  • conifer branches and pruning
  • juniper
  • mugo pine

Materials not accepted include: deciduous material (trees that lose their leaves in winter), grass clippings and pine needles. These unacceptable materials can go in your yard waste or green bin for municipal pick up. Construction type wood or pallets will not eligible for pickup through this program. Unacceptable materials will not be picked up and will be left at the curb.

Living trees may require a tree cutting permit prior to removal. To determine whether you may need a tree cutting permit, please review the Tree Management Bylaw, or contact a City arborist by email or 604-927-3482.  

Participating residents are expected to have materials for chipping in stacks/piles.  

  • Debris piles should be no more than 6 feet high by 6 feet wide, and no longer than 20 feet.
  • All branches should be oriented in the same direction with branches all one way, and the pruned ends facing the road. 
  • Diameter of any branches shall be 11 inches or less. •    Debris must be placed at the curbside by 9 a.m. on the assigned Saturday whereby a wood chipping contractor will process and remove the material.  

The free wood-chipping opportunity may be expanded to include the Northeast/Burke Mountain area.

Information for Residents 

Human activity, such as campfires and discarded cigarettes, continues to be the leading cause of wildfires. People who live near wooded areas face higher risk and are urged to prepare their homes:

  • Keep combustible materials at least 1.5 metres from the home, and piles of firewood at least 10 metres away;
  • Keep your home’s roof and gutters free of leaves and pine needles, and prune all branches that hang over the roof;
  • Choose fire-safe vegetation and space it to prevent a continuous line of vegetation leading to the home;
  • Remove all dead/dry vegetation and trim tree limbs two to three meters from the ground;
  • Choose non-combustible roofing, building and landscape materials; 
  • Know where your home’s gas, electric and water shut-offs are; and
  • Have a wildfire escape plan.

More tips can be found at coquitlam.ca/InterfaceFire.