Public Hearings

  1. The last printed and distributed publication of the Tri-City News newspaper was on August 10, 2023. To meet the statutory notice requirements and keep the public informed, all City of Coquitlam public notices will be published in The Province newspaper until further notice.

Have You Seen a Public Hearing Sign?

The next Public Hearing will be held on  Monday, October 16, 2023 at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall located at 3000 Guildford Way Coquitlam, BC.

Please select the address below to view more information on the application. Or view all items on the Public Hearing Agenda posted below.

Public Hearing - October 16, 2023:

Item 1: 963 and 973 Edgar Avenue (PROJ 20-020)
Item 2: 3333 Caliente Place (PROJ 21-128)
Item 3: 700, 702, 704 Delestre Avenue (PROJ 22-137)
Item 4: 269, 273 Dunlop Street, 580, 590, 600/602, 606 Grayson Avenue, 272, 276 Guilby Avenue, and 574, 576, 578, 600, 610, 616, and 618 Sunset Avenue (PROJ 23-064)

The public submission package will be made available the day of the meeting.

Written submissions provided in response to the consultation, including names and addresses, will become part of the public record which includes the submissions being made available for public inspection and on the City's website at If you require more information regarding this process, please call the City Clerk's Office at 604-927-3010.  

Watch Public Hearings Online

Public Hearings are broadcast live on the internet. Broadcasts of past Public Hearings can also be accessed through the City’s Webcast archive.

Participating in the Public Hearing Process

Please visit the Public Consultation page for detailed information on how to participate in a Public Hearing.

Presentations or submissions must be received by Council before the Public Hearing for that application is concluded as Council is not permitted to receive or consider any further submissions or information after conclusion of an item.

Important Notice

Remote participation will be conducted by Zoom. Zoom can be used via a computer with a microphone, a tablet or smart phone, or by a land line. Zoom is a US based video conferencing solution used extensively by cities and the provincial government. Like most similar programs/software/services, Zoom will collect a limited amount of personal information about you when you register to join the meeting. If you are not comfortable with this collection of personal information, please participate by writing to Council.